I have been around the real estate business for much of my life.  My Mother owned her own
real estate company in Alexandria, Virginia for over twenty years.  I received my college
degree from Old Dominion University in Norfolk, Virginia.  My degree is a B.S. in Business
Administration.  I studied Real Estate Finance for my major.   I worked for the Defense
Department for almost 16 years prior to moving to Nosara.  I was also a Reserve Firefighter in
my community.  I moved to Nosara in 2004 after having visited here for over fifteen years.   I
have been working in the real estate business since moving to Nosara.  
I have bought and sold property in Nosara and I am familiar with all of the legal processes
required to develop property.  I have also gone thru the entire process of drilling a private
water-well and obtaining the concession to use the water.

I am a full-time Permanent Resident in Costa Rica.  My Wife is Costa Rican and our Son was
born in San Jose, Costa Rica.  He is bi-lingual and attends one of the local elementary schools.
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